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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 12, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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caucus. go to greta we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington, d.c.. >> laura: tonight. >> ending the cycle of gas prices won't be easy and it won't happen overnight. >> laura: new polling shows rising gas prices are sinking president obama's approval rating. does the president have a plan to alleviate the pain at the pump or is his energy policy making it worse? we'll debate that issue. >> why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. they all want to control women. >> laura: hillary clinton making an apparent reference to the sandra fluke birth control controversy as team obama unveils its new get out the female vote strategy. >> do you ever see the chinese picketing? can you imagine ching lee chu
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with a picket sign? >> wow, louis farrakhan spews hatred at uc berkeley. why is the president of that university defending his speech there? we'll have a special report. >> this is not hate. this is actual fact. >> laura: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we are going to have the latest on that awful massacre by an american soldier in afghanistan later in the broadcast. but, first, the so-called war on women. that is the subject of tonight's talking points memo. over the weekend, secretary of state hillary clinton weighed into the culture wars as part of an coordinated effort to propel the democrats in november. >> now, we know that that
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young woman in to your knowledge and her piers across the region already are facing extremists will try to strip their rights, curb their participation, limit their ability to make choices for themselves. why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. but they all seem to. it doesn't matter what country they are in or what religion they claim, they all want to control women. they want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and our own bodies. >> laura: now, wait a second. doesn't it sound like hillary is comparing the g.o.p. to the taliban? obviously. team obama decided that it isn't really interested in debating the primary issues facing our country. issues like jobs and the economy. instead, the president has decided scaring women, especially single women is the
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key to victory in november. democrats know that today women face really no restrictions getting contraception. they know that republicans aren't going to stop women from getting contraception. they know that nine and 10 employer based health care plan already cover contraception. if you are a woman and working for george town university hospital and you want to have multiple sexual partners every week, no one is going to stop you from buying whatever contraception you want to use. and community clinics cover virtually all the costs this is a totally phony issue pushed bipartisans that have no strategy other than to go negative, dividing americans among racial, ethnic and now gender lines. obama's boosters are misrepresenting what's going on and deceiving the american people just so he can retain power. this is cynical and dishonest. and "the washington post" abc news poll today shows that
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this isn't working. a record percentage of americans give president obama intensely low marks on the economy. that's a 9% increase. almost two thirds say that they disapprove of the way president obama is handling the issue of gas prices. and what about handling of the deficit? he hit another all-time low with 32% approval rating. by the way 70% of independents disapprove. obama, once up over romney and santorum is now in a dead heat with both of them. so, so much for the g.o.p. primary hurting republicans. so much for the spin that the economy is in this major rebound. and so much for the idea that obama is sailing to re-election. of course the democrats want to change the subject to a wholly contrived war on women narrative. if there is a war on women, it's on women's pocketbooks. it's being waged by president obama. that's the memo.
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now on to the top story, reaction. joining me from philadelphia is jennifer brant, she is a family law attorney. okay, jennifer. fair and balanced here. tell me why laura ingraham is wrong on this. >> well, you are absolutely wrong because the republics are actually putting this issue out there and giving hillary clinton and others something to talk about. when you have someone like rush limbaugh coming out and making derogatory remarks and attacks. laura, come on, you have to agree to me that's totally offensive oand obnoxious and unnecessary. and it makes people worried. it makes women worried about what is the future and what will the political climate if a republic is elected? what is exactly the position? are we going backward in time in terms of rights? i mean, i think there is a war on women and until women get into power, i think that war is going to continue on. >> laura: well, women like nikki haley, does she count? women like meg whitman who was referred to by jerry brown what about saying she is a w
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word? i don't even want to say it? how about people referring to jerry thompson, fred thompson's wife she belongs on a stripper pole in things that have been said about michelle malkin. >> i'm saying any offensive talk that is inappropriate. >> laura: right, jennifer. >> we're going back in time. >> laura: i understand your point and point of view. my question is, if what a radio host said on his show is evidence of a, quote, war on women, then where was the commentary about the war on women being waged over the last several years when very derogatory things were said by left wing people i don't condone that on my radio show and other places rush limbaugh is a dear friend of mine and wonderful person. i think he made a mistake and wishes he didn't say thand think he is really story for what he said. the war on women narrative was never raised when think of these things were said by liberals, ever. >> but there is a lot of discussion now with the upcoming election. there is a lot of discourse. you will have to agree in many
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different areas, including the economy and all the other things that you mentioned. but when you start talking about women's rights and women's choices and women's health choices and whether they're going to fund day care and who is going to pay for all these children that are out there and what are womenning are going to do in the future. people are thinking about these issues now. they're having to make a decision soon. we are seeing a field of candidates some very conservative, some very extreme and i think that's what hillary clinton is talking about. that we want to make sure that we are an example for the rest of the world. our country is supposed to be a leader and all about freedom. so when we start -- when women start becoming worried about who is the candidate is and how is that going to effects rights, basic rights, then i think that doesn't make us a leader. that causes a lot of problems. >> laura: why do you think president obama is where he is in these new polls because people believe there is a war on women or people believe there is a war on women's pocketbooks? >> i don't think that the republicans are doing -- or helping themselves or helping their cause by having these issues at the forefront.
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i mean, women make up a large percentage of our country and are important voting. >> laura: apparently they are rejecting. >> if we band together we really need to show that we want the power. we want to have rights. we don't want our rights affected. we don't want the rights of our children affected. so, that's what needs to happen. >> laura: jennifer, do you think that get away from contraception. there is planned parenthood people on the streets. >> that's what we are talking about. >> laura: planned parenthood people on the streets on d.c., signing people up for a variety of reasons. one woman told me you can get contraception at the clinic. go down there and ask her. we were asking her for information purposes and she told us. it's available. >> yes. it might be getting cut off. >> laura: jennifer, but you brought up child care. should child care also be mandated for fulfillment and family planning purposes? should that be mandated as covered? >> look, if we start cutting all kinds of programs and everything, we have a lot of
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children out there, a lot of single women, single mothers. in my practice, what are they do to do with all of that? what about the problem of fathers who aren't paying child support? are we discussing that? no we are talking about contraception and abortion and these other issues. these are the issues that are out there right now. >> laura: where does it stop? do we stop at contraception being covered or why not -- men have called into my radio show saying there is lots of things they would like in their own lives for fulfillment and the betterment of their daily living that aren't covered by their insurance. and there is lot of things out there. >> we are talking about a bigger issue. >> laura: cover all of it because we have unending money to cover this stuff. >> we all know that's not true. we are talking about the basic issue of. >> laura: nine and ten health plans offered by employers already cover this stuff. we are out of time unfortunately. jennifer, it's already covered by nine out of ten employer based plans. it's a concocted issue. great for coming on. >> when you start hearing about it people start to glory why are we hearing about it.
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that's the question. next on the run down, will pain at the gas pump hurt president obama's re-election chances? polls say yes. how is the latest atrocity in afghanistan impacting the g.o.p. race at home? new details coming up. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, rising gas prices sinking president obama's poll numbers? as we said in the talking points memo, 65% of americans now disapprove of the way the president is handling the gas issue. joining us now from austin, texas, fox news contributor mary katharine ham and here with me in washington christian dorsey from the economic policy institute, a left-leaning think tank. >> great to see you. >> laura: good to see both of you. gas prices this was a shocker this "the washington post"-abc news poll came out today. the president stabilized approval ratings but this clearly is having an effect. you say what about what the president's reaction has been so far? starting with the energy secretary who initially said our goal is not to bring down the price, kind of amending that the next day. >> it was misreported. the point is the president can't really control the price of gas at the pump. as much as we like to think that the president can buy fiat and make price goes lower, he can't. global oil trades are
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responsible for gas prices and those are not influenced by the president. what the president can influence are reducing our dependency on foreign oil and making sure we have alternative sources to just using oil for heating our homes and driving our cars and all those areas the president is actually doing great work. >> laura: the comment he made the other day when he said look, we have lowered demands. demand has gone down. >> absolutely. >> laura: he said at a speech campaign event we we are using left as if that's the answer to use less. so, in other words, people don't have the freedom, i think, to do the things they want to do. maybe they want to drive five hours on vacation this summer. when that starts to happen, fairly or unfairly the guy in charge usually gets blamed. 15% i think the stud is is 15% of the trades in the market speculation and so forth drives the increased prices that's how it works 2004, 2008, i don't think that's to blame. complex picture. the guy in charge usually gets the blame. >> rightly or wrongly. the president i think is actually underselling what he
8:15 pm
has done to move the dial in this area. consumption is down and that's because of a slowed economy in the united states. what he has influenced is the fact that production suspect. we're actually producing more domestic oil and importing less than half. >> laura: those facts are right. we have imported less oil, 120,000 barrels a day increased domestic production a lot of that is not on in the federal lands that i think republicans want to do more exploration and a lot of it is on state lands and private lands. nevertheless, the president -- how much can he control these gas prices? i mean the republicans are using the issue. what can he do today to bring down the price of gas? >> i think it's certainly fair game to use the issue politically. this is something that people feel at home. it's a very real indicator of where the economy is going and how they are going to be able toio in the future. people feel t in addressing that is fair. liberals who say look, you can't -- is it over simplistic to say is he to blame for all of this? of course, has he done
8:16 pm
anything to help? that's the question. looking at spending exorbitant amounts of money programs highly questionable and according to the inspectors general been found not to work very efficiently at all. look at something that seems a no brain his or her many americans like keystone, ally bringing new oil sources into our country and him saying no to it and actively lobbying against it to democratic senators. people go what are his priorities here. as far as whether he can be blamed or not. i think it's funny when liberals complain about it because this is a guy who told us the day he got elected is the day that the oceans would stop rising. pardon us if we think he could have an effect on gas prices. if voters think that a guy who believes that could have an effect then that makes a little bit of sense. >> if you are a president and you want to see these numbers 59% negative ratings on the economy among independents much, the numbers are soaring. and this war on women narrative being pushed by the democrats. women are the ones who put gas in the cars. women are the ones who start
8:17 pm
small business in great numbers. latino voters as well. they are feeling the pinch of this economic downturn and maybe the news, some positive economic news isn't filtering down to the voters. they're angry. these numbers are stunning. >> look, you know, most people don't have skin in the game with the stock market. they do every time they fill up their car they get a visual indicator of how much they are hurting. i get it. >> laura: i tweet every time i fill up my tank. >> from this comes an opportunity because with this being an issue, the president now has the next six months to sort of talk about how gas prices get to be where they're. >> laura: not the war on women? the economy, christian, good, great. mae catherine. good to see both of you. thanks. directly ahead, new poll shows the g.o.p. three way fight. political prediction two of them from larry sabato and scott rasmussen. coming up and a factor flashback you don't want to miss. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> laura: campaign 2012 republic infighting continues on the eve of the mississippi and alabama primaries. here is what newt gingrich and mitt romney had to say about each other over the last few days. >> the romney camp has been trying to sell since last june that i should get out of the race and that the romney is inevitable. the fact is romney is probably the weakest republic front runner since leonard wood of 1920. >> if i'm a weak frontrunner then what does that make newt gingrich because i'm well ahead of him. [ applause ] >> i'm happy to be ahead. >> newt hit him on the grits comment. can't we all just get along? come on, people. a new rasmussen poll out today shows governor romney defeating president obama in a head-to-head matchup, 46-43. joining me now to analyze from asbury park, new jersey, scott
8:22 pm
rasmussen larry sabato director of uva senator for politics. all right, gentlemen. scott. you have the big poll out today. you and the "the washington post" abc poll. we got to get into this. of all of them quite stunning. the conventional business with dom in my mind blown out of the water once again with this narrative that obama was kind of sailing to re-election. in here what do you find with both romney and even santorum, some strength? >> well, yeah, there is two things going on. first of all, president obama's numbers are down a little bit. i don't want to overplay this. his numbers aren't tanking. but they are down several points from where they were a few weeks ago. gas prices are part of it. and the reason gas prices have an impact is they impact consumer cfts. the other -- consumer confidence. the other thing that's going on now mitt romney is going to be the nominee. 80% of republic primary voters. and we are now starting to see mitt romney consolidate the republic vote in head-to-head
8:23 pm
matchups against president obama. >> and, larry, look, you had 80% figure, some poll shows 72% think is he inevitable. then only 30% of the electorate really supporting and embracing mitt romney, the g.o.p. electorate. what's the deal with that divide this late in the game? >> well, you know, everybody is a pundit, laura. and i take that personally. because it's a professional role you have to train for it for many years. but everybody on the street thinks they are a pundit. i'm kidding, of course, anybody can be a pundit. they are reading the headlines. they are listening to the analysis. and everyone is saying romney is inevitable. they pair at that at public -- parrot that in public opinion polls. they have their own choices. >> laura: then you look at other issues. scott, can you chime in here. if romney manages to win won or both of these two important
8:24 pm
states, and so you get mississippi and alabama, all right? mississippi and, yeah, alabama. so he manages to win one of those what happens to newt gingrich? right? if he comes in a close second to newt, what's the argument for newt moving forward? texas? >> yeah. the argument for newt moving forward is texas. going to be -- he is going to start to say that we can have a contested convention. that is he the best debater. what's really fascinating this is bad news for newt gingrich and rick santorum. very conservative voters. the people who really dislike mitt romney most in the republic base are also saying well we think he is the strongest general election candidate and more than anything else, republics want somebody who can beat barack obama. >> well, and listen to this. this news is quite stunning about the spending that's going on in these states coming up to tomorrow's contest. total campaign spending and super pac money in alabama. larry, can you comment on
8:25 pm
this, 2.19 million for mitt romney. for gingrich $627,000. and 99% of mitt romney's ads, the super pac ads i should say almost 2 million have been opposing santorum or gingrich. only 1% are positive supporting mitt romney. those ads tend to work. >> they work and, remember, those are dollars that aren't going to be used in the general election race. notice also, laura, what romney is doing here. romney has two ways to win tomorrow. either he can win outright in either mississippi or alabama or both coming up through the middle with santorum and gingrich dividing equally the two thirds of the electorate that's very conservative in those states. can he also win in other ways. that's to help newt gingrich win one or both of those primaries if romney can't win. what is romney doing with the super pac money or rather the people running the romney pac? they are aimingest no of their fire at rick santorum.
8:26 pm
and i have noticed santorum moving down a bit. that could help newt gingrich to continue in the race. >> laura: all right. gentlemen, thanks so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. how should the president and challengers react to the situation in afghanistan. will it be an election game changer? rick perry is going to weigh in on that. o'reilly takes on the republic candidates face-to-face. we will bring you the highlights. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> laura: in the factor flashback segment tonight, the republic presidential candidates have stepped into the no spin zone as this is a place for hard hitting informative interviews. we put together some of the highlights of o'reilly and the g.o.p. hopefuls. >> on november 6th, we will stand united not only having won an election but having saved the future. >> what about obama the man? what is he missing in the
8:30 pm
leadership component in your opinion. >> one he hasn't been a leader before. he didn't. >> harvard law review. >> it's wonderful to be able to be an author and editor but i'm talking about leading an organization. leading a group of people. growing something. hiring people, firing people. all the process of leadership he has never had that experience. he didn't recognize that part of leadership is finding allies and friends across the aisle and building relationships of trust and respect with them. i have had the experience of leadership. this president hasn't. >> bill: is he a socialist? >> you know, i prefer to use the term that is he just over his head. >> bill: yeah, but you have got to look at his economic plan and economic plan was top-down, federal leadership, getting us out of the recession. we spent trillions of dollars on that. the guy is a socialist, glass warfare, that's what he is going to wage with you if you get the nomination you are a rich guy out of touch. sea socialist? >> i consider him a big government liberal democrat. i think as you look at his policies you conclude that he thinks europe got it right and we got it wrong. >> i want so badly to return
8:31 pm
the power to you in this country. >> are you ready to be demonized because that's going to come and it's going to come hard at you. >> this isn't my first rodeo, bill. i have been in a lot of tough campaigns in pennsylvania. you know that. >> bill: of course. but it's going to be a national demonization. and you will be portrayed asen extremist. contraception, birth control. >> yeah. >> bill: you say the states should have the right to ban some contraception. that's off the bat going to be a big one. >> well, the states have a right to do a lot of things. that doesn't mean they should do it. some asked me if the states have the right to do it, yes. they have the right to do it. they shouldn't do it. i wouldn't vote for it if they did. that doesn't mean they don't have the right to do it. >> bill: i'm not justifying or giving my opinion one way or another about it i'm just pointing out they are going to come after you on that and go after gays in the military and you want to rescind that. come after you on gay marriage that you would have the federal government rescind the marriages that have -- licenses already given. i'm saying that this is going
8:32 pm
to be put on you that you are on extremist man. >> well, i don't think man and woman is extreme. >> we need an policy independent of the middle east so that no american president ever again bows to a saudi king. [cheers] >> bill: mr. speaker taking into account the new situation where oil companies 25 years ago didn't export any product at all, now it's the number one export in the united states. taking into account that how would you get gas down at 250 a gallon. >> my point is very simple. on any reasonable analysis of supply and demand, if we went back to production, if we decided to maximize production, if we used offshore, if we used federal land, we would, in fact, have a dramatic increase in american production and prices would come down. world market. >> bill: it's not supply and demand now though.
8:33 pm
this has been the warmest winter in deck tadz, there is plenty of supply of oil here in the united states. right now, right now. and, yet, the price goes up every single day because of overseas intrusion. >> first of all, bill, we import a lot of oil right now from much more expensive places. middle eastern oil is actually more expensive to import than american oil is to produce. when the iranians practice closing the straits of hormuz through which one out of every five barrels of oil in the world pass, that raises a level of instability for the whole planet as people worry about what would global oil supply. >> if you are president, that's going to happen. if they get a nuke it's going to happen worse. >> but, if you create enough american oil, you create a reservoir, you have in effect a reserve against that kind of destructive behavior. >> we have some work to do i need your vote. >> you know this maureen dowd columnist for the "new york times" she puts forth today, doesn't matter how are, you,
8:34 pm
santorum or anyone don't have a chance against santorum -- against obama that you have damaged yourself in the system that think you guys don't have what it takes. what gets me is john mccain saying it is well. let's roll the tape. >> i have been in very tough campaigns. i don't think i have seen one that was as personal and as characterized by so many attacks as these are. and, frankly, one of the reasons is the super pacs. >> i think john mccain is right. the super pacs are a new feature in american politics right now. big money in the case of the santorum campaign and gingrich campaign. a single billionaire responsible for the lion's share of the funding of the super pacs. that has a big impact. the process go s. going to go on longer in terms the super pac dollars that come in. i can tell you that i recognize down the road we are going to get attacked by a billion-dollar obama machine. and in some respects this toughens this up a bit and gets the attacks out there.
8:35 pm
people get tired of them and hopefully be able to regain the strength once we have the nominee. >> i believe defeating barack obama is the most important mission we have had. >> do you have a strategy, a come back strategy? i don't know if that's a fair word. but do you have one? >> come back strategy and my strategy first of sawfl to keep developing big ideas like getting the 2.50 a gallon gasoline. saying flatly we should not be apologizing to people in afghanistan while they are killing americans. >> we have been through several cycles like this and i keep coming back several times. >> you elect me, a conservative will be nominated by the republic party. >> some people say well, it's worth hanging on because your message gets out. you continue to get your message out. you become a player at the convention and if anything were to be-fall mitt romney or whoever the leader is, you are in position. is that entering into your thinking? >> one thing we do know about this race, bill, if you don't like what's going on in the race wait a week or two. we have seen this race change
8:36 pm
literally a dozen times. there is a lot of restlessness among conservatives. they are not happy with governor romney. they are not happy with increasingly not happy with newt gingrich and the way his campaign is and some of the things that have been highlighted and they are looking for someone as alternative. do i believe that this is an episode of survivor, bill. we hang in there, this race will come back to us just at the right time. >> laura: when we come right back, rick perry will be here. is he going to talk about how the u.s. should go forward in afghanistan and he is going to respond to eric holder's justice department taking aim at a new texas voter i.d. law. the governor is next. [ male announcer ] montgomery and abiil haggins had a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable.
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look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota. ♪ >> laura: and thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem egg segment tonight, investigators are trying to learn what set off a 30-year-old army
8:40 pm
sergeant who left his base in afghanistan in the middle of sunday night and murdered 16 afghan civilians, most of them women and children. the massacre comes just after the outrage over the burning of several korans by members of the u.s. military seem to be calming down. now there are new fears of retaliation, the taliban is vowing revenge. white house press secretary jay carney addressed the situation today. >> we have been there a long time. and the president has made clear that his policy is designed to allow us to draw u.s. forces down as we accomplish our goals there. and it is a very specific plan. it has timetable attached to it which some take issue with, although you have to wonder why. >> joining us now from austin to react, texas governor rick perry who dropped out of the g.o.p. primary back in january. and now supports newt gingrich. governor, yesterday newt gingrich was the first republic on the stump to react
8:41 pm
to this horrible news out of afghanistan. and like ron paul now, newt gingrich says look, this is the most recent incident that indicates that it's time for us to pack up and get out of afghanistan. your take on this situation? >> well, i think this is just further reflection flexion of a president who has a meandering and very soft approach to this entire issue of afghanistan and iraq as well i have been in afghanistan in particular. he doesn't want us to be there to begin with i don't think he has the courage to stand up and say we're going to withdraw the troops and it's not worth the fight. so, i think you have this very corrosive effect going on from the lack of leadership from this president. the fact of the matter is we do have an interest there. we need to be supporting that goal that fighting the terrorist element that are there we need to have 100,000 plus troops. could we do it in a way that
8:42 pm
has a smaller footprint with our special forces probably is a better approach to it. the fact is i think this president's lack of leadership and lack of making the point to the american people about why we need to be fighting the terrorist in their hometowns rather than in our hometowns. he has done a poor job of. >> sir, do you agree or disagree with the man you are supporting for the republic nomination newt gingrich that it's pretty much time to get out of there? >> if this is the way that we are going to continue to fight the fight and have a president that doesn't have his heart in it, absolutely. i think that there is a conversation that needs to be -- that's one of the reasons i would like to see newt gingrich the president of the united states. someone who has clear vision how to deal with these issues. how to drive down the cost of gasoline by having a policy in these areas where petroleum products are very important to the future of america along a
8:43 pm
domestic policy that will allow us to open up our lands and waters. that's what newt is talking about that's the reason i'm supporting him that and along a real understanding of the 10th amendment to keep washington, d.c. out of our lives. >> laura: i pretty much haven't seen you on the campaign trail with him. >> well, we have been very active both in fundraisers and on the phone and other ways that we can be helpful, too. just being out on a stump is frankly a minor part of what a surrogate would be doing. we are doing our part and hopefully we are making a difference for the speaker. >> laura: if newt gingrich somehow loses in a state like alabama and ekes out a victory but almost dead draw with mitt romney in his home state. what would you advise him at
8:44 pm
this point things are very tight in these polls and contests. >> that would be up to him and his advisors. from the standpoint newt has said clearly is he going to take this all the way to florida and i agree with him that i don't see how any of these candidates are going to have for the required number of delegates nominations are concerned. he rightly needs to be talking about the issues that are posh to him. again, i don't think outside of newt that the candidates are talking enough about the tenth amendment and allowing the states to have some protections from overreaching federal government whether it's women's health programs or voter i.d. bill. washington, d.c. -- >> laura: just so we understand what's going on. eric holder today, attorney general came out and invalidated texas' voter i.d. requirement. voter i.d. requirement by the i think that other states already pretty much have in place but texas is one of those states that needs
8:45 pm
preclearance from the justice department saying your voter i.d. puts an aspecial and extra burden especially on latinos who oftentimes don't have driver's licenses or it costs $22 i guess to get some of the documents that would get you a voter i.d. card in your state what's your response to holder today. >> this is another example of the federal government impinging on the rights of the states to decide issues how they are going to oversea and keep fraud from going on in the voter process. i mean, that's what this issue is about we know for a fact there has been fraud involved in the voting process. having a voter i.d. is one of the ways to put a stop to that the texas legislature agreed overwhelmingly it is an issue supported on both sides of the aisle. when you poll texas they don't want taking advantage of a sacred right that is the right to vote. having a voter i.d. makes
8:46 pm
sense. as a matter of fact, we know that the supreme court has ruled on this. the supreme court says you can have a requirement for a voter identification. so when the justice department says you can't do it, it's totally political. >> laura: to get the hispanic vote whipped up against republicans. you don't want latinos voting is that happening? >> i don't even think that sells. i mean hispanic voters in the state of texas don't want someone stealing elections either. i think the democrat voter and the republic voter in texas want good, clean elections. one of the ways do you that is to have a voter identification so that people know how are when you show up to vote. it's pretty simple. >> laura: can't get on a plane without an i.d. but you can vote. >> i don't think you get a library book out of the library here in austin without one. >> laura: governor perry, great to see you, thanks so much. and we have a new bill o' poll question for you. should the u.s. use its air power against syria as john
8:47 pm
mccain wants? yes or no? in a moment, larry farrakhan spews more vial remarks this time uc berkeley. why on earth was he given a platform to speak there? up next. what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. wait. ♪ it's morning in the himalayas... [ male announcer ] it's sweet. it's nutty. it's absolutely delicious. kellogg's crunchy nut. it's morning somewhere.
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>> laura: back of the book segment tonight, louis farrakhan unleashed his vial rhetoric at the university of california berkeley saturday. he was the keynote speaker at a black coalition conference there. take a listen to some of his remarks. >> anybody that's not a friend of the jewish community was never written of well in history. that's true. because they are the publishers. they are the writers.
8:51 pm
so if you want to be well-spoken of, then be a lack can ey, be a flunky, be a tool in the oppression of your people and they will always speak well of you. >> laura: what's even more shocking than the hateful speech is that the president of uc berkeley defended farrakhan's right to speak at the tool saying we cannot retreat from the value of free speech. joining us now from los angeles jasmine kanic a political commentator to defend's farrakhan's speech. i'm one of these crazy people who believes that more speech is better. i like more speech. i don't like the idea of pushing boycotts on people. i don't like the idea of shouting down people. i don't like it when people have pies thrown at them as conservative speakers have had. yet, i'm also curious about the black student group
8:52 pm
highlighting him at this black, i guess, coalition conference. why is he the keynote speaker and why does he represent, i guess it would seem a more mainstream view of how to get along and how to make it in society for african-americans? >> well, first i would say, laura, why not? it is their choice as an organization to bring in who they want to bring in as a speaker. and obviously the honorable minister louis farrakhan speaks to a lot of african-americans in terms of their beliefs as black people. so i think. >> laura: what in particular jasmyne just so we understand. beam have heard of him we obviously know he is extremely homophobe bic and anti-semitic. his comments have been appear appear premembers cybil over the years. you can't get former slave masters. i guess all of us are former slave masters which i find to
8:53 pm
be sad. how do americans bond with that. >> first of all, you may find that so be sad and reprehensible, but there is a large segment of not only african-americans but people in america who do believe that way as well. so, i think you have to put everything in the context. he speaks to a certain group of people like any spiritual leader or religious leader who has their following, he has a following of people who do believe in that ideology, who look up to him and who do want to hear what he has to say. as far as the students are concerned, i think they are looking at it from a point of view of one black empowerment. you know, the honorable lewis mr. farrakhan he speaks of black empowerment while you guys in the media a lot of people will pick and choose different things that he says, the overall theme of everything he spoke about at berkeley was black empowerment. >> laura: jasmine, do you agree with his point of view that the jews control the media? he also has referred to that and clearly if you go against the jews they control the
8:54 pm
media so basically you are up against, you know, a wall. that's his point. do you agree with that? >> what i agree with is is his right to say that unlike other folks who are saying more problematic things over public airwaves, minister louis farrakhan is a private citizen and more than that. >> laura: wait a second. is he a private citizen. >> is he a private citizen. is he a spiritual leader. >> laura: isn't he a public figure? >> is he a spiritual. >> laura: indicate he was a private citizen. he says some of the most. >> is he a minister. is he a private citizen. he can say what he wants. >> laura: one at a time otherwise we don't have a dialogue. he has put himself out there on some of the most controversy viewpoints. by the way i think he he should be allowed to speak. i disagree with his speech. i think it is reprehensible. you are saying is he a private citizen so he shouldn't be criticized for what he said?
8:55 pm
it's ridiculous. is he basically saying the jews control everything. former slave masters are still trying to keep us down and making a variety of comments about homosexuals that enormous segment of society find to be reprehensible. suddenly he is supposed to get a past for all of this because you call him the honorable. why is he the honorable? >> okay. my turn? okay. first of all, he he is a private citizen. is he also a spiritual leader, okay? second of all, you know, you can take a peek in any church, you know, any time u.s.a. and i guarantee there is somebody who is going to have a problem with something that's being said. thirdly, you know, as i said before, relates to free speech. you know, unlike other people, he is not broadcasting over public airwaves. and when you say he puts himself out there, no, the media puts him out there. >> laura: when he does the million man march his goal is to be a private citizen. so when he speaks at the
8:56 pm
million man march that had 400,000 people washington. >> no it had a million people. over a million people. >> laura: i was actually there. i don't think it was quite that much. nevertheless people should have the right to speak so we agree on that. absolutely. thank you for joining us. pinheads and patriots on deck. former congressman alan grayson runs a red light and chaos ensues. p a
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
>> laura: finally tonight, pinheads and patriots.
8:59 pm
former florida congressman alan grayson found himself in some trouble on saturday when he ran a red light and crashed his mercedes into a public bus while driving through a campaign event. for running a red light he is a pinhead and for driving a mercedes-benz, occupy wall street folks might take a second look. bill's book, "killing lincoln" will be number two on the best selling list. after six months. that is astonishing accomplishment. if you are become a premium member you are going to get the book for free. don't forget to check out laura and you, get signed copies of my book. hilarious take on the culture. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm laura ingraham and please


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